Spring Realty

Innovative and fun, Spring Realty is the new kid on the real estate block and giving other larger, let's say, air balloon-sized competitors a run for their money. Stand tall Spring Realty, we love watching you grow.

P.O.S.E. Dance Company

Latin dance brings out passion in all of us and P.O.S.E. Dance Company is there to refine those hip thrusts into socially acceptable movements for a public audience. They are marching their way to the top at a steady beat.

Maple North Internet Marketing

When it comes to Internet marketing, these guys are the sharpest tools in the toolbox. They're clever, resourceful and handsome. Not what you would typically expect from burly plaid-wearing Canadian dudes with tiny toques.

The Behar Group

The Behar Group is knocking down competition left, right and centre with their ability to adapt to new technology, anticipate trends, and visualize the big picture. There is no building too tall for this forward-thinking commercial real estate machine.

Belmonte Raw

Belmonte Raw is a blend of classic elegance and contemporary flare for the sophisticated palate. If you haven't already joined the raw diet revolution, the experts at Belmonte Raw will get your juices flowing and your mind renewed.

Aluna Theatre

When the words, movements and statements of a company can melt the hearts of their audience, you know they're on to something great. With over a decade of award-winning experience, Aluna Theatre can steal any spotlight.

Bionik Laboratories

We're positive the masterminds behind Bionik Labs spent their childhoods feeding quarters into the claw arcade game trying to pick up prizes. Their understanding of biomechatronics and technology will astound and amaze and make you want to play too.

Camp Tech

Camp Tech workshop participants keep on asking for s'more. It's amazing how much fun learning can be with the right team of cool nerdish folk leading the hike down the winding path of technology.

Sugino Studio

It's safe to say Sugino Studio has an eye for that perfect shot. As one of Toronto's top photography houses, Sugino Studio knows how to pull off a killer shoot without breaking a sweat.

Spirit Loft

Find inner peace and inner strength all in one place. When you feel like life is crushing your spirits, a visit to Spirit Loft, Leslieville's top yoga, kettlebell and personal training Mecca will help reconnect mind, body and spirit.